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Food :Breadmaking

For more than 40 years, we have been providing European, American, and domestic bakery equipment to domestic and international customers. To quickly respond to modifications, installation and maintenance of imported equipment, and replacement with domestically-produced parts, full-time engineers at the Yokohama factory support our customers.

  • Warner& Pfleiderer集团
  • Kaak Group
  • Other (international)
  • Other (domestic)
Type Products Manufacturer Reference Contact
Mixer/forming Mixers/dividing rounding machine Kemper カタログ お問い合わせ
Forming Dividing rounding machines, etc. WERNER & PFLEIDERER  Industrielle Backtechnik カタログ お問い合わせ
Forming Small dividing machine/rounding machine/molder, etc. Haton カタログ お問い合わせ
Baking/Cooling Ovens/vacuum cooling machine, etc. WERNER & PFLEIDERER
カタログ お問い合わせ
Kaak Group
Type Products Manufacturer Reference Contact
Forming Dividing machine/rounding machine/molder, etc. Benier カタログ お問い合わせ
Baking/cooling Conveyers Kaak カタログ お問い合わせ
Baking/cooling Thermal oil oven Daub カタログ お問い合わせ
Baking/cooling Tunnel oven for pizza MCS カタログ お問い合わせ
Other (international)
Type Products Manufacturer Reference Contact
Mixing Slant mixer VMI カタログ お問い合わせ
Mixing Horizontal mixer PEERLESS カタログ お問い合わせ
Mixing Mixer SANCASSIANO カタログ お問い合わせ
Mixing Swing mixer REGO カタログ お問い合わせ
Baking/cooling Cooling conveyer, etc. CAPWAY カタログ お問い合わせ
Baking/cooling Rack fermentation/baking/cooling line DIJKO カタログ お問い合わせ
Baking/cooling Conveyorized oven/proofer STEWART カタログ お問い合わせ
Baking/cooling Oven J4 お問い合わせ
Forming Danish laminating line Rondo カタログ お問い合わせ
Other Bagel former/pizza press AM MANUFACTURING CO. カタログ お問い合わせ
Other Silo Shick Tube-Veyor Corporation カタログ お問い合わせ
Other Wrapping machine Bettendorf Stanford Inc. カタログ お問い合わせ
Other (domestic)
Type Products Manufacturer Reference Contact
Mixing Small mixer KANTO KONGOKI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. カタログ お問い合わせ
Forming machine Small- and medium-sized machines KAMATA MACHINERY WORKS CO., LTD. カタログ お問い合わせ
Other Large machines Misuzu Koki Co., Ltd. お問い合わせ
Other Filling machines Japan System Co., Ltd. カタログ お問い合わせ
Other Handling equipment Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company Limited. カタログ お問い合わせ
Other Chocolate enrobers Nobu Ltd. お問い合わせ
Other Unmanned elevator Omni Yoshida Co., Ltd. カタログ お問い合わせ