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The general machine trading company flying through the future with "Kotozukuri (opportunity creation)" by global expansion

Bridging the Future through Global Development

Since its foundation in 1963 as a machine tool trading house, our company has expanded its business, focusing not only on the machine tools but also on the industrial machinery. Amid recent growing demand for clean energy, we have added energy- and environment-related business, such as solar and biomass power generation, to our main activities.

Starting in fiscal year 2014, we initiated a medium-term (3 years) management plan, with target to achieve consolidated sales of 68 billion JPY in three years. This should bring us closer towards our long term target, i.e. being a company with annual sales of 100 billion JPY. As a basic strategy to achieve this goal, we are now not only enhancing customer- and community-based sales expansions, but also promoting overseas expansions in response to rapid globalization. Through our global network consisting of 19 domestic offices and 12 overseas offices in six countries, we will establish and improve our organizations that can respond to the needs of further deepening globalization.

Functions required for general trading companies are also changing in this deepening globalization. By responding to various customers' needs regarding overseas businesses as well as by performing business transactions, we are providing comprehensive support ranging from business cooperation between customers and overseas companies to market research for overseas expansion, site selection, factory construction, distribution, and after-sales services. We call these newly required functions of trading companies "Kotozukuri (opportunity creation)" and we will keep working to create business opportunities in close relation to our customers. In addition, creation of human resources, on which "Kotozukuri" is based, is also our main theme. Therefore, the entire group is also trying to develop human resources.

To be the company that makes a wide contribution to society, Kanematsu KGK will continue to grow as a general machinery trading company that organically combines the machine tool business, industrial machinery business, energy and environment-related business, and supporting engineering functions together.

January, 2015
President and CEO
Yasuo Chiba

President and CEO Yasu Chiba

Corporate philosophy

(1) With a global vision, we contribute to society through business activities that are full of creativity and foresight.

(2) We respond to customers' needs sincerely and enthusiastically, and try to be a leader in the industry with our motto "the dedicated business group."

(3) Under healthy prosperity, we try to be a company that pursues dreams and purposes of life.

KGK's vision

As a general machine trading company flying through the future with "Kotozukuri (opportunity creation)" by global expansion, we are working to achieve the following visions.

  • ■We will become the only professional group that provides the best solutions as an organization consisting of the machine tool business, industrial machine business, energy and environmental business, and engineering functions.
  • ■With a global vision, we will respond to a wide range of needs such as materials, processing equipment, environmental measures, and new energy sources.
  • ■We will pursue stable revenues with compliance-based management.